Local Consultancy Services Pty Ltd was first established in 2006 offering consultancy services to the building industry for all stages of development. The staff of Local Consultancy includes Town Planners, Bushfire Consultants (Accredited under the BPAD Scheme), Building Consultants and other professionals who possess over 25 years experience in both the public and private sectors of the industry. 


Our Town Planning team provides a range of environmental planning services including; the preparation of Statement of Environmental Effects and Compliance Checks, Development Application submission and management and Council liaison and representation. Our experienced Town Planners can provide assistance at all stages of your development from the initial idea through to the final approval to commence works.


The Building Code of Australia (BCA) forms Volumes 1 & 2 of the National Construction Code. Our experienced and qualified consultants can provide a range of detailed reports on the BCA for all classes of building in all Council areas. These reports may include, but are not limited to BCA Audits, BCA Upgrade Reports, BCA Compliance Reports and Council liaison. Our consultants will assess a development against the requirements of the Code and determine it's compliance with the deemed-to-satisfy provisions of the Code.


Prior to the issue of a Complying Development Certificate for a bush-fire prone site, a BAL Certificate must be obtained from a BPAD accredited consultant that states that the site is not located in a BAL-40 or Flamezone area. Our Accredited Consultant can issue BAL Certificates that determine the Bushfire Assessment Level and allow for your complying development certificate to proceed.

Our Bushfire Consultants can also provide detailed Bushfire Assessment Reports that may be required for submission to Council with a development application.

Download our Bushfire Application Form to make a request today. Email bushfire@localgroup.com.au for more information.


Local staff members possess an extensive knowledge of all facets of the building industry. Our consultants can provide you with advice for your development with reference to the conditions of development consent, the Building Code of Australia and any relevant Australian Standards.


If the placement of a child resistant safety barrier for a swimming pool is not practicable or reasonable, the Swimming Pools Act 1992 allows for a local authority to grant an exemption from the default settings of the legislation. We can prepare a detailed report that outlines an alternate solution to the swimming pool barrier requirements of the Swimming Pools Act 1992 with consideration given to the BCA 2019 and AS1926-2012.1 Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools. Generally the type of sites that may be suitable for the preparation of these reports include:

  • Waterfront properties
  • Rural properties >2ha
  • Steep Sites (Cliff edges), And
  • Disabled Access.
The process for the application is:
  1. Preliminary Site inspection with the Principal Swimming Pool Consultant to ascertain site suitability
  2. Following the site inspection a report will be issued to the client regarding the suitability of the site and our willingness to provide a report & fee proposal.
  3. A s22 Exemption report and additional site inspection will be carried out prior to submission to council.