Master Builders Australia welcomes the Coalition's policy announcement today on boosting productivity and reducing regulation as part of a critically important policy debate for the Federal Election

Wilhelm Harnisch, Chief Executive Officer of Master Builders Australia said he welcomed the Coalition's policy for discussion and looks forward to seeing the Government's policies to boost productivity and reduce regulation in response. The building and construction industry is one of the most intensely regulated industries in Australia, with legislation and red tape applied at all three levels of Government. Time spent dealing with red tape and duplicative compliance processes diverts precious resources from the industry and stops it from doing what it does best – creating jobs, driving the economy and building homes, hospitals, schools roads and other vital community infrastructure. There has been a raft of legislation and regulation introduced in recent years that are anti-productivity and add unnecessary costs.

The policy discussion focussing on increasing productivity and decreasing regulation is certainly welcome. In recent times legislation has been introduced without robust and transparent consultation. Master Builders believes new legislation should only be introduced with an accompanying Regulation Impact Statement that cannot be circumvented by the Government of the day. Providing incentives for Government and bureaucrats to reduce the amount of regulation and red tape imposed by legislation and setting aside Parliamentary sitting days to repeal of out of date legislation is a welcome