Tips for Getting An Interim Occupation Certificate

We want to be able to issue an Interim Occupation Certificate to you as soon as we have completed our Final Inspection. Here we provide our top tips for what you should have completed before you book your Final Inspection:

  1. It is essential that all safety items have been completed:

    1. Have all smoke alarms been installed?

    2. Have window locks been provided to all upstairs bedrooms?

    3. Slip resistance to staircase

    4. Are all handrails in place?

    5. Are all balustrades in place?

    6. Have lift-off hinges been installed, if required?

  2. Ensure that all erosion and sediment controls have been reinstated.

  3. Submit all relevant compliance certificates.

  4. Provide evidence of compliance with the approved BASIX Certificate

  5. Make sure the taps from the Rainwater Tanks have a “Don’t Drink Tank Water” sign affixed.

  6. Ensure that the maximum stepdown from the building is 300mm. (Otherwise secure doors by way of a permanent means to prevent egress).

  7. The building must be constructed in accordance with the BCA.

  8. For a DA/CC, construction of the driveway can generally* be undertaken at Final Occupation Certificate Stage. For a CDC – an access point is required, see the diagram below:



* This will be dependent on the Development Consent Conditions.