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Retaining walls can vary greatly in size and complexity. It is important to note that any retaining wall constructed in conjunction with a current development may actually require a separate approval. Retaining walls not shown on the approved plan may also be able to be considered under the NSW Government exempt and complying development guidelines.

The property owner must ensure they understand what needs to happen and when, so that any unnecessary delays in the issue of the Occupation Certificate can be avoided.

We recommend that you discuss with the Principal Certifier the best method for moving forward with any proposed retaining walls on your site. As we will often already have a lot of information relating to your dwelling on our file, we can keep the approval process relatively straight-forward and cost effective.

You will need to complete the required information and submit to our office with payment of our preliminary assessment fee. One of our certifiers will then provide you with guidance as to your next steps to getting your retaining wall approved.


Ensure you understand your obligations in relation to retaining walls on your property to avoid any delays in the issue of the Occupation Certificate.