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What is a Registered Certifier?

Registered Certifiers assess and determine applications for development certificates for building and subdivision work. Certifiers are public officials and independent regulators of development. Public officials occupy positions of public trust and the public has the right to be assured that they will operate in an open and honest way and make decisions based on high ethical standards.

A Registered Certifier is regulated by NSW Fair Trading. Registered Certifiers issue Construction, Complying Development, Compliance and Occupation Certificates to certify that they are satisfied that a development meets the applicable legislative requirements. They can be appointed as the Principal Certifier for a development and complete inspections of building work at “critical stages” throughout the course of construction to verify that works are progressing in accordance with the development approval.

What does “Principal Certifier” mean?

The Principal Certifier often referred to as the PC for short, is a registered certifier or registered body corporate appointed prior to the commencement of any works to complete the critical stage inspections and any other inspections required for a development. The PC is also responsible for issuing the Occupation Certificate at the completion of works once they are satisfied that relevant legislative requirements have been met.

Who appoints the Principal Certifier?

The PC is appointed by the person who has the benefit of the planning approval, a builder cannot appoint the PC unless they are also the landowner.

Why use Local Group?

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality, value for money service that is second to none:

  • Our size and various locations give us a greater presence in the industry than any other certification company can offer.
  • We have gained Corporate Registration. When you use Local you are not just appointing an individual as the PC but our whole team of highly qualified and experienced certifiers. You are not in any way disadvantaged if an individual is unwell, takes holidays or leaves the company.
  • You get what you pay for! We offer competitive rates for our high-quality personable service. If another company can offer a better price, we would recommend investigating what services we provide that they do not.
  • We offer an efficient turnaround and response time every time. After years of practice we know how to find the right balance between meeting all legislative requirements and getting results to comply with your company schedules.
  • We are easily accessible and when required we will deal directly with the owners of development sites. We understand that the construction phase can be overwhelming for many property owners. Our certifiers will take the extra time to assist property owners with enquiries and any issues that may delay the issue of an Occupation Certificate.
  • When you request an inspection with us, we will attend and we will provide a prompt result. If there any inspection defects our staff will liaise with your office as soon as possible to ensure the development is not unnecessarily delayed.
  • We have a complaint management system in place to ensure that any potential issues are resolved at an early stage. This system also ensures quality in the service that we deliver.

How do I make an application?

Our Application Forms and Checklists are available to download from our Documents & Forms Page.

eApplication is a software application that allows you to lodge new applications to our office. The latest version of eApplication can be downloaded from the Local Group website at your convenience.

A manual for download is available and our friendly staff are always available to provide support and assistance as required.

How long will it take to assess my application?

Our determination time will be dependent on the type of application you are lodging and the information you submit as part of your application. Once the application has been received we will be able to give you a more accurate idea of when you can expect to receive your development certificate.

For Construction Certificate applications our turnaround time is generally 7 working days and for Complying Development applications the turnaround time is between 10 and 20 days. Complying Development Applications are often subject to a mandatory fourteen-day neighbour notification period before we can issue our approval.

Who will be processing my application?

We employ over twenty experienced registered certifiers across our various offices. Your application will be allocated to the most suitable staff member for your given project. This allocation may be dependent on the size and complexity of your application, the geographic location and staff availability however you can rest assured that at all times you will be given the highest level of service.

How much will it cost?

Every development is different which makes it difficult to have a set fee for our services.

We like to take the opportunity to assess your proposal on a one-by-one basis and ensure that we allocate the correct resources to ensure we provide the best level of services possible.

If you would like to request a fee proposal click on the link below and provide the requested information: Request a Fee Proposal

Building Companies who would like to establish a regular working relationship with Local should contact one of our offices on 1300 368 534 and we will arrange for one of our Directors to set up a meeting to discuss what Local can offer you.

How long will my approval last?

Works must commence before the expiry date of the Construction or Complying Development Certificate. A construction certificate will expire when the development consent expires. A complying development certificate has an expiry date five years after the date of issue of the certificate. Once works commence there is however no time limit on the completion of works.

When can my buildings work start?

Works cannot commence on your site until either a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate has been issued and a Principal Certifier has been appointed. The Owner will be required to provide both the Principal Certifier and Local Council with two days notice of the commencement of works. It is essential that you review the conditions of your approval as there may be items required to be completed before the commencement of works.

How do I arrange an inspection?

If you request an inspection before 3pm, we can complete the inspection the following working day. Call your Local office on 1300 368 534 to book an inspection. You will be provided with a unique booking number as your confirmation of your booking.

The eLocal Portal is available to our regular clients. The portal allows you to manage and track the progress of any application, book inspections online at any time and check the results as they become available. Contact your Local Contact to discuss being set up on the eLocal Portal.