Landscape Plans - How can I amend an approved plan ?

It is not uncommon that during the course of construction of a development, for whatever reason, a change is required to the landscaping. This is reasonable but the change may also require approval from the Consent Authority before the works can commence.


The issues that need to be considered include;

  • Who is the Consent Authority (either the Local Council or Local Certification)?
  • Has the development been approved under a Development Consent or with a Complying Development Consent?
  • Is the approved Lanscape Plan affected by a Condition on the Development Consent?
  • Is the approved Landscape Plan subject to the Estate's Developer Approval?
  • How complex is the Lanscape Plan ?  That is, has the plan been designed and Certified by an;
    • Accredited Landscape Architect,
    • Arborist,
    • Horticulturalist,
    • or the like.

In light of these considerations, any change to an approved Landscape Plan will require a thorough assessment of the new proposal and may also require the amendment to a Development Consent (DA), Complying Development Certificate (CDC) and subsequently a Construction Certificate (CC). These Certificates are collectively known as a Development Certificates under amendments to the legislation introduced in 2014.


The steps for making a change to a Landscape Plan are as follows:

  • Prepare a design for the proposed change.
  • Consideration will not be given to a proposed change unless it is clearly oulined on a plan.
  • The plan should show the area of the landscaping components and the types of plants affected by the change (i.e. species, mature heights, plant locations, lawn areas, etc)
  • If the original Landscape Plan was prepared and certified by Accredited Landscape Architect, Arborist, Horticulturalist or the like, the amended plan will also need to be prepared by a person with similar qualifications and be accompanied by the appropriate certificate.
  • Complete the Application Form and Submit the Proposal.
  • Both the Application Form and the proposed design must be submitted to the Accredited Certifier for consideration.
  • The Application Form is available by clicking here .
  • These documents must be forwarded directly to the Accredited Certifier at Local Certification at the following email address:
  • Fees and Charges
  • The consideration of any proposed change will attract the following fees;
    • A non- refundable Assessment Fee:     $250 + GST.
    • Development Certificate Assessment Fee (if applicable):     $200 + GST
    • Local Government Registration Fee (if applicable):     $36 (No GST applicable)
    • Site Inspection Fees (if applicable):     $350 + GST
  • The non-refundable Assessment Fee must be paid at the time of lodgement or soon thereafter. Consideration will not be given to a proposal prior to the payment of this fee.
  • In the event that a Development Certificate Fee or a Local Government Registration Fee is required, this fee must be paid prior to the release of any advice, opinion or approval of any proposed change.
  • Expectations
  • Consideration of any application to change a Landscape Plan will require at least five (5) full working days from the date that the email was received.
  • The Accredited Certifier provides no guarantee that the proposed changes will be approved.
  • An incomplete submission (i.e. one that does not include a fully completed Application Form, the proposed design or payment of any relavant fee) or a submission that will not allow the proposed change to be clearly assessed will be returned to the Applicant without consideration.
  • Additional Information